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Misc. Sessions was recorded at Abbey Road Studios, May 2016. For this limited period of time, get the two EPs for the price of one until the timer runs out.

Rob Dougan The 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Sessions Remastered
Rob Dougan Misc. Sessions

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Rob Dougan's The 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Sessions, recorded at Air Lyndhust Studio, London with a 75-piece orchestra and a 40-piece choir, features 5 tracks + a 22 minute film. This is Rob Dougan's first orchestral and instrumental release for over a decade.

A few responses to Rob Dougan's The 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Sessions:

“Greatness! Worth the wait” - Ed Waddell
“I can't believe it!!!! This is awesome” - Sebastien Mihail
“This is amazing!” - Helen Snyder
“Heart-rendingly gorgeous” - Pawel Lopatka
“Pure genius, and am eagerly awating the Misc. Sessions EP” - Briscojt
“What a comeback I must say” - Toine Vis
“Waited for over a decade but certainly worth it. Glad to have the master back” - Tom Stringer
“Rob is back” - Ariel Dalton
“Been an Rob Dougan fan since The Matrix. Truly excited that Rob is back” - Mike Wootten

Rob Dougan's Misc. Sessions was recorded on May the 11th 2016 at the legendary Abbey Road Studios 2 (Pink Floyd, The Beatles).

It is the first release of songs by Rob Dougan since his Grammy-nominated album, Furious Angels.

Featuring a 40-piece string-section as well as a smaller 10-piece ensemble, the tracks are accompanied by instrumental versions bringing the track count to just under 10 pieces. The release will be followed by a film, included in purchase, of the sessions. The pre-order of these sessions will be available for download in August – with updates and excerpts before.

Critics on Rob Dougan:

“A near-mythical status as a mysterious production genius”
Dazed and Confused Magazine

“A genuine maverick”
The Guardian

“The most mysterious figure in the the electronic music scene”
Hipster Minions

“The sort of pretension-free soundclash that gives stirring widescreen ambition a good - no - great name”

Rob Dougan, the artist behind the grammy-nominated Furious Angels, The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded, and Clubbed to Death on Mo'Wax has worked on projects involving U2, Frank Sinatra, Moby amongst others.

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